How to Cancel/ Close BOB Credit Card?

Cancel BOB(Bank of Baroda) Credit Card online or offline. The following process shows you how to cancel BOB credit card.

How to Close BOB Credit Card?

Simply tearing the credit card is not the proper solution to completely closing of credit card. There is a proper process to cancel the credit card. However, you need to follow some steps and raise the request. The procedure to cancel the credit card is different from one bank to another. The below are the best ways to cancel BOB credit card online.

Cancel BOB Credit Card Online
Close BOB Credit Card Online

Ways to Cancel BOB Credit Card

The following are the possible ways to deactivate BOB credit card:

  • Raise Request to Cancel BOB Credit Card using Internet Banking.
  • Close Bank of Baroda Credit Card by Calling Customer Care.
  • Close BOB credit card by Written From.
  • Raise a Request to Colse BOB Credit Card via Email.
  • Close BOB Credit Card by Visiting Branch.

Cancel BOB Credit Card using Internet Banking

  • You have to login to the Bank of Baroda .
  • Enter the username and password.
  • Click on the Login button.
  • Then, select the Service Requests option.
  • After that, select credit card option.
  • Then, click on Cancel Request.
  • Now, select the reason to close BOB credit card.
  • Then, click on Submit button.

Your request will send to Bank and verify your account. If the verification is successful then your BOB credit card will close.

Close BOB Credit Card by calling Customer Care

To cancel BOB credit card online or offline you should register your mobile number to your bank account. Without registering to the bank account. You cannot use this service. So, go to the nearest bank and request to link your mobile number to your account.

By simply calling customer care you can close your BOB credit card. Dial the following customer care number from the registered mobile phone.

Number to Cancel BOB Credit Card 1800 102 4455

Close BOB Credit Card by Wirting Request

Take a white paper and write the letter to the bank. Write your name, bank account number, and credit card number. Then, write the reason to cancel your credit card. Signature on it and submit the request letter along with the credit card to bank. Once they approved, you will receive the SMS regarding the closing of BOB credit card.

Close Bank of Baroda Credit Card by Email

The credit card holder can raise a request to close Bank of Baroda Credit card by writing an email. The customer has to mention all the details of the credit card and account information. Once the request is raised, you will receive reply within 24 hours regarding the cancellation of credit card.

Cancel BOB Credit Card by Visiting Branch

Take the credit card and bank passbook and visit the nearest branch. Request the officer to close your BOB credit card. The officer will provide you a request form. Fill the request form and submit to the officer. Thereby, the officer will process your request form and cancel your credit card.


  1. How can I cancel BOB credit card?

    You can cancel your BOB credit card by calling customer care. The customer can also visit the nearest branch to request to close the credit card.

  2. Is there any charges to cancel BOB Credit card?

    No charges are applied to cancel the BOB credit card.

  3. How many days to close BOB credit card?

    Generally, it takes 3 to 7 days to cancel the Bank of Baroda credit card.

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