Google Pay Limit Per Day | What is the Maximum Amount Transfer Per Day on GPay

Google pay limit per day, GPay UPI transaction limit per day. What is the maximum amount transfer in google pay? GPay Limit, transaction limit in India. Here you can know about the daily transaction limit in Google Pay.

Google Pay Limit

Google Pay (GPay) is one of the recognized online payment platforms in globally and India. One can make an online transaction in 5 seconds. GPay is one of the secured and popular UPI platform payment apps in India. It offers rewards, coupons, and more for every transaction. One can make rechargers, online payments i.e. dish bill, electricity bill and etc. Moreover, the user can transfer money directly to the bank account.

Google Pay Limit Per Day
Google Pay Limit Per Day

Sometimes, the transaction gets failed multiple times showing the ‘you have exceeded the maximum transaction amount google pay‘ message. This may be either you don’t have a sufficient amount to make a transaction or exceeded gpay transfer limit. We are going to tell you the reasons why this happens, and how to extend the transfer limit in Google Pay (GPay).

What is the Maximum Amount Transfer Per Day on Google Pay?

For every google pay user, there is a limit to send or transfer the amount using UPI. The GPay uses UPI option to make the transaction secured. UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is the reason why you can transfer on a limit. One UPI user can send a specific amount to another UPI user. Generally, the maximum transaction limit for every UPI user is 1 lakh. Moreover, one user cannot transfer multiple times (10 times) in one day. Also, the user can only request Rs. 2000 once.

How Much Money Can transfer Per Day through Google Pay

Like most online payment apps, GPay also supports the UPI payments option. Using the UPI ID one can do transactions online. The UPI is designed to transfer a small amount. The UPI comes with the daily limit as same as other apps. So, here is the maximum transaction limit in google pay per day.

  • The maximum amount transfer per day is Rs. 100,000: The maximum amount can be transferred in google pay is Rs. 1 lakh. So, you cannot send more than this limit in a day.
  • The GPay user can only make 10 transaction per day: You cannot do more than 10 transaction per day in google pay using UPI. You cannot send more than 10 time in a day.
  • You can only request Rs. 2000 once: You can send 100000 per day but you cannot request more than 2000 rupees in a single transaction.

Maximum Amount Transfer through Google Pay

As I said above, you cannot transfer more than Rs. 100000 per day. If you want to transfer more than the gpay upi limt, then you can trnafer through NEFT or bank to bank transfer. But, you cannot transfer in gpay more than the limit.

The maximum amount that can be transferred per transaction is Rs. 5000 for some bank users. Most of the banks allow the user to pay more than the gpay limit. But, you cannot transfer a big amount through UPI.

  • Google Pay limit per day sbi: Rs. 100000
  • Google Pay limit per day hdfc: Rs. 100000 (Only Rs. 5000 for new account holders)
  • Google pay limit per day axis bank: Rs. 100000
  • Google pay limit per day axis PNB: Rs. 25000
  • Google pay limit per day Union bank of India: Rs. 200000
  • Google pay limit per dayKotak Mahindra Bank: Rs. 100000

How to Increase Google Pay Transaction Limit?

Unfortunately, you cannot increase the Google pay transaction limit. You can only transfer money on the limit. If you want to send more than the transaction limit, search for methods other than UPI. You can send money through NEFT, Bank to bank transfer, and more.

How to transfer money through Gpay?

  1. Open the palystore and install the Google Pay (GPay).
  2. Open the application after sucessful installation.
  3. After that, enter your email id and mobile number.
  4. Link your bank account in GPay.
  5. After that, tap on ‘+ New Payment’ option.
  6. Enter the UPI ID or Mobile number.
  7. Enter the amount and tap on pay.
  8. Then, your payment will initialized.
  9. Enter the UPI ID and tap on proceed.

FAQs about Google Pay Limit Per Day

  1. What is the maximum transfer limit per day in Google pay?

    The maximum transfer limit per day in gpay (Google Pay) is Rs. 100000.

  2. How much amount can transfer in gpay per day?

    You can only send or transfer Rs. 100000 per day in google pay.

  3. Can I transfer 50000 rupees in Google Pay?

    Yes, you can transfer 50000 rupees in google pay.

  4. Is there any limit in Google Pay in India?

    Yes, the daily transaction limit is Rs. 100000.

  5. Can I send more than 1 lakh in googlepay?

    No, you cannot send more than 1 lakh in google pay.

  6. How can I increase Google Pay transaction limit?

    No, you cannot increase transaction limit in google pay.

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