How to Find IPPB Customer ID? IPPB Bank CIF Number

Find IPPB Customer ID, CIF Number, Forgot IPPB Customer ID or CIF number? You can find it on the Passbook. You can also check the Customer Identification Number at net banking, mobile banking, and passbook.


IPPB is formerly known as India post Payment bank. It is one of the new generation banks in India. IPPB bank was established on 1st September 2018 where Headquarters is in New Delhi, India. It provides banking and finance services for its customers. It offers various types of savings and personal banking. The user can find numerous options in the official portal at

Find CIF/ Customer ID of IPPB Bank

IPPB Customer ID

Customer ID or CIF is a unique number given to every registered individual. The Customer ID (CIF) number is used to login to the IPPB’s Mobile banking. The registered user can access the various online banking services i.e., Account balance enquiry, Transfer funds, Statements and etc. Without CIF or Customer ID you cannot login to mobile banking. If you forgot your IPPB Customer ID or CIF number? Here’s the process you can reset or retrieve easily.

Find IPPB Customer ID/ CIF
Find IPPB Customer ID/ CIF

Possible ways to find IPPB Customer ID

If you are looking to find IPPB Customer ID or CIF then here are the possible ways to find out.

  • Bank Passbook
  • Bank Statement
  • Mobile Banking
  • Net Banking
  • By visiting Branch
  • Customer Care

You can choose one of the above methods to find your Customer ID (CIF).

Find IPPB Customer ID by Mobile Banking

If you are already registered to the Mobile Banking service then follow the simple steps to find your Customer ID.

  1. Open the Playstore app.
  2. Search for IPPB app and download.
  3. Open the application and login using yoru Mobile Number.
  4. Now select the Profile Details option.
  5. Here you can see the Customer ID and CIF number.

Find IPPB Customer ID by Bank Passbook

Passbook consists of all details regarding the customer’s bank account. So, you can find the CIF or Customer ID on the Bank Passbook. If you have the IPPB Bank Passbook then follow the given process.

  1. First of all take the IPPB Bank passbook.
  2. Open the bank passbook.
  3. On the first page, you can see the CIF ID under the Post Office number.
  4. Note down the CIF ID (Customer ID) for further use.
ippb customer id

Get IPPB Customer ID by SMS

The customer can get their customer id by sending SMS to 7738062873. Follow the steps to get your IPPB customer id by sending sms.

  • Open SMS app on your mobile phone.
  • Type MINI and send it to 7738062873 using your registered mobile number.
  • You can get the mini statement details along with the Customer ID.

Find Cust ID in Bank Mini Statement

On every mini statement, you can find your Customer ID (CIF number). Go to the nearest bank or open the Mobile banking application. Login to the app and go to the mini statement section. After that, download the mini statement as PDF. Open the IPPB mini statement. Under the Account number, you can find the Customer ID and CIF Number.

ippb cif id

Find Customer ID at IPPB Net Banking

Unfortunately, there is no net banking option provided by the IPPB Bank. Soon, the bank will offer a net banking service. Then, you can check the Customer ID or CIF ID in Net Banking.

  1. Go to the IPPB Bank official i.e.
  2. Select the Net Banking option.
  3. After that, login to your account using mobile number.
  4. Now open go to the Profile Details.
  5. Here, you can find the CIF/ Customer ID.

Find Customer ID by Customer Care

If you cannot find your IPPB’s Customer ID/ CIF Number then call customer support. Customer care will assist you to find your customer id. You can talk to the representative to find out your CIF Number easily at home.

IPPB Customer Care 155299

Visit Nearest IPPB Bank

Moreover, you can visit the IPPB Bank to know more about your account details. Go to the nearest IPPB Bank branch along with the passbook. Show your passbook and ask the accountant to find your Customer ID/ CIF. The officer will show you the Customer ID (CIF Number).

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FAQ’s about How to Find IPPB Customer ID? IPPB Bank CIF Number

  1. What is IPPB Customer ID?

    IPPB Customer ID is a unique identification number provided to every registered individual. It helps to login to mobile banking and to check account details.

  2. How can I get IPPB customer id by SMS?

    You can get IPPB Customer ID by sending an SMS to 7738062873. Send MINI to 7738062873. Then, you can know your Customer ID.

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